About me

María Kindelán

My story

To understand why I am a specialist in Energy-giving Nutrition, we have to look back into my personal history, a history which led me downwards before taking me much higher.

I have an extensive track record of training and experience as an executive in large retail, pharmaceutical, publishing and banking multinationals, where I learnt communication, marketing, management and team leadership techniques. I have worked on fascinating corporate projects with great professionals. I consider myself fortunate. I have had a proven, successful professional career, resulting from enormous effort, accomplishment, sacrifice and denial.

With it, I experienced the effects of stress, unconscious living habits to survive everyday life, physical and mental burn-out, disillusionment, silent demineralisation of my organism, weakening of the immune system, inadequate ways of managing emotions at moments of crisis and “every woman for herself!” Additionally, I had become a mother and was living with the utopian work-life balance.

Dedication and success took their toll and when I finally realised, switching from running on reserve power was almost an impossible task, with chronic weariness, allergies, sudden coeliac disease and lack of control.

I left the world of big corporations and applied my experience to developing my own technological startup. The learning curve was fantastic but once again there were high levels of stress and exhaustion which went along with the closing of the business and considerable financial losses.

Then I learnt you do not change your life because you change your surroundings, what you do or your occupation. The answer is not in the environment; it is in you. And I found it once again. I devoted myself to studying what harms me and what nurtures me, and then I started researching and educating myself for over three years with the best, training my body and mind, and working in the field of health.

Today I am healthy, vital, strong physically and emotionally, active and fresh intellectually. Better than ever in my life.

I am a qualified Clinical Nutritionist (with a Master’s Degree from the University of Barcelona), having specialised in Energy-giving Nutrition at the Montse Bradford Cooking School, and a qualified Naturopath (Instituto Profesional de la Salud).

I prepare personalised nutritional programmes, based on the needs and objectives of each person, focusing on a natural and balanced diet.

I provide nutritional and energy-giving advisory services to companies, plans adapted to different professional profiles to enable maximum performance, making use of natural foods, sustainable living habits and my own personal experience.

I do what I enjoy, I believe in it, I see results and therefore, my personal discovery – understanding what gives me life, energy, prioritising myself and my body and mind – have meant that today I can share with others what has been and is for me the great power that guides my life.









Mother of two fascinating girls, daughter, sister, friend, an apprentice, somebody who enjoys life, free, myself.

María Kindelán