María Kindelán

It is one thing to feed yourself
and quite another
to nourish your body

María Kindelán

Do you eat what you need
to perform in your profession?

María Kindelán

You give food to your body,
but are you feeding
or intoxicating your mind?

María Kindelán

Beyond healthy eating

With a degree in Marketing and Business Management, life led me to train a few years later in the field of Health. I have a Master in Nutrition and Advanced Food Science from the University of Barcelona, Naturopath titled by the Professional Institute of Health, specializing in Energy Nutrition and Conscious Food by the Montse Bradford School and the Nirakara Mindfulness Institute. I have received training in Nutrigenomics for Health and Sports by the Nutrigenomic Institute.

I have an extensive track record of training and experience as an executive in large retail, pharmaceutical, publishing, and banking multinationals, where I have worked on fascinating corporate projects with great professionals. But I also experienced the effects of stress, physical and mental wasting, weakening of the immune system and an inadequate way of managing emotions in times of crisis.

Then I learned that the solution is not in the environment, it is in you. And I dedicated myself to study what hurts me and what takes care of me, training for more than four years in the field of health.

Today I am healthy, vital, strong physically and emotionally, active and fresh intellectually. Better than ever in my life.

I provide nutritional and energy-giving advisory services to companies, plans adapted to different professional profiles to enable maximum performance, making use of natural foods, sustainable living habits and my own personal experience, therefore I can share today with others what has been for me the great force that guides my life.


  • When I started the energy nutrition program proposed by Maria, I stopped fighting with food.

    Eva de Iscar
  • I was looking for some more energy, for that of living more intensely every day, every encounter, every challenge. And I discovered that it is true, that something new had to be included, dosed others, combined with more energy criteria, and above all it has sensitized me about the importance of including top quality FUEL for the most perfect machine that humanity has created, we same. Maria has taught me, she has led me pedagogically through this science, which is not new but we do not know each other well, and today I no longer think about feeding myself, I think more about NUTRIRME. It is worth investing a little time and effort in us, in adjusting and balancing what gives us physical and emotional energy. María has the experience, knowledge and flexibility to accompany you in that process, where chocolate days or a good sirloin are not lacking.

    Eduardo Sicilia Consejero Independiente
  • Maria crossed our lives some time ago. From our first meeting, in a course we taught at Amets de Pan Sin Gluten, there was a special connection, it is of those people that overflows EMPATHY, sympathy, kindness and professionalism. We are very lucky to have collaborated with her in our School of the Spirit of the Forest - School of Good Work, where she has taught courses on Energy Cooking for groups. The depth of their knowledge, always moving forward to give appropriate answers for each case and problem, gives a lot of confidence. He is an open, communicative, willing, incredibly professional and responsible person, in the treatment, as we have said, he empathizes, from the first moment, so at all levels his work is wonderful.

    El Equipo Espíritu del Bosque
  • We made a course some friends of mine and me at my house. The first thing to say is a super fun course, we had a great time because Maria is a charm and a great professional, ..! We learned a lot. ! The course consisted of, in addition to learning some great and very easy energy cooking recipes. Maria was explaining to us what each ingredient served and how you would improve in health depending on how you fed. He also explained how our children should eat in a healthy and balanced way, and what kind of food you have to have in your pantry. It was an incredible experience.

    Esther Asin