Nutritional coach

María Kindelán

“In most cases, we do not eat what we need, because we do not know what we need”

 “Man is the only animal that eats when he is not hungry, drinks when he’s not thirsty, and talks when he’s got nothing to say”
Mark Twain

In the chaotic and hurried Western world, with little time and feeling very sleepy, eating is something in many cases we do in a disordered manner.

We are guided by irregular patterns of hunger, greed, happiness, sadness, worry, anxiety and trends and therefore our body and mind suffer, shaken by these unstructured ways of obtaining energy through food.

Our lives are affected by fortunes invested by the food industry in marketing campaigns for products that do not settle for covering the basic needs of the body but rather, aware of the effect food has on our senses, compete to get us hooked on flavours and experiences that go beyond the physical realm.

As we have less and less time to plan meals (or this is what we tell ourselves), the most practical trends and the most absorbing fashions are the most successful when it comes to choosing how to feed ourselves.

The question I want to raise is the following: do we really know to what extent the way we eat affects us?

The fact is that this is an unresolved issue in our education throughout our lives.

In most cases, we don’t eat what we need because we don’t know what we need.

It is one thing to have fuel to get through the day and quite another to fill the tank with top quality fuel, so that we can perform to the best of our energy ability.

What is Nutritional Coaching?

In 2003, the World Health Organization declared that the act of providing information and nutritional advice was no longer sufficient to achieve long-term changes in dietary behaviour.

Changing needs conviction, it needs responsibility for the change to be taken on. We devote a great deal of time to pondering whether or not to change. You know you have a problem; you sit on the fence without taking the necessary steps to solve it. You keep on fighting a constant internal battle between the part of you that says you should put an end to the situation and the part that tries to convince you that you aren’t in such a bad way.

A nutritional coaching process helps you to ensure the main role in your decisions about nutrition is played by you.

This process helps you to identify and overcome your own obstacles, creating the right environment and necessary attitude to manage to change your diet. As a result, other aspects also improve, such as your performance and lifestyle.

My proposal

I like to begin by listening to you to understand your circumstances, your internal and external hurdles, your energy needs, to get you involved in finding solutions. I want to accompany you through an adaptable and realistic programme for changing health habits based on your situation.

I bring my experience in nutrition and performance to the table, but you are the expert on your own life.

Generally with the support of recent medical tests, the data collected translate into a proposal consisting of simple, progressive changes, so you are able to explore and identify for yourself your obstacles and motivation, plan your meals, understand the energising effect on you of different goods and obtain the greatest possible satisfaction from your new nutritional guidelines.

All the profiles, all conditions and all the nutritional guides I prepare are treated through and based on natural foods and supplements.

By way of added value for your nutritional programme, I offer the option of personal, ongoing advice on preparing shopping lists, how to organise your pantry, cooking courses for people with no time, recipes for different energising effects and balancing your diet with your social life.

I like to think that the act of cooking is a time for personal meditation, an excellent moment of full attention, where I show you how to optimise your time and energy, distinguishing between automatic tasks and those that require all your senses: a habit that makes it enormously easier to achieve your nutritional goals.