Services adapted to each need

The fact is that this is an unresolved issue in our education throughout our lives.

In most cases, we don’t eat what we need because we don’t know what we need.

In the chaotic and hurried Western world, with little time and feeling very sleepy, eating is something in many cases we do in a disordered manner.

As we have less and less time to plan meals (or this is what we tell ourselves), the most practical trends and the most absorbing fashions are the most successful when it comes to choosing how to feed ourselves.

My proposal attempts to add value in this specific stage which is that of obtaining the right and necessary energy to be in that healthy physical condition and mental state that successfully adapts to the inevitable stress, uncertainty and chaos that we will undoubtedly meet. We need to nourish body and mind properly and we are no longer talking about feeding ourselves appropriately – nowadays that is no longer enough. Feeding yourself does not mean nourishing yourself – that was valid, in the past.


Programs for companies


Tell me your occupation and I will tell you what you should eat

Good food guidelines should adapt to the person’s physical and genetic characteristics and their physical and mental weariness. Just as there are no two people in the world who are identical, food guidelines cannot be exactly the same for different people, especially when the jobs they do each day are totally dissimilar.

Through the group studies I propose, it is possible to identify the energy needs of each profession and adapt the dietary guidelines for the person in question to their occupation. This translates into general personal wellbeing, optimum performance in activities, and a significant improvement in health and their quality of life.

Just by being aware of all the nutritional levels that condition you and by acquiring habits that maximise your energy in those tasks you perform on a daily basis, you will achieve the balance, perspective and harmony we all aspire to, as part of a stable, healthy life.

a) Talks/speeches

Any scenario is valid when there is interest in improving health through nutrition: schools, universities, business schools, companies, premises related to offering natural and organic products, etc.

We seek out the themes which can awaken the most interest among the group we are going to address and I propose a relevant talk for each case. The talks can last between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the subject and the requirements.


  1. Performance through food
  2. Intestinal health
  3. Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
  4. Strengthening the defenses through the menus
  5. Pre and post menopause feeding
  6. Myths and truths about a BIO diet
  7. The energy expenditure of the different professions
  8. Nutrition and energy for the mind
  9. Organization of shopping list and pantry
  10. Balanced meals and social life

The groundwork consists of really understanding the mission and vision of the company so as to design a programme with the company’s own DNA: a programme in line with its policies and activities. Really understanding is necessary to design the programme while bearing in mind the time and the goals of the organisation. Later, the process involves weighing up the final outline to create the prototype, and to let people know about it. Communication is critical in this process. We are talking about generating value for people and about incorporating new habits in our relationship with food in our daily lives.

b) Cooking courses for companies

An interesting and highly practical incentive for teams at a company or organisation is, without doubt, awareness of the effect their dietary habits have on their quality of life and general performance. Practical content inviting participation, made to measure for the company. Cooking demonstrations for simple, natural, balanced, tasty and varied recipes, based on the requirements of the group. From stand-alone, themed workshops to ongoing training courses implemented over time, where participants end up tasting the dishes prepared and receive a dossier/recipe collectio

Contact through the contact form, indicating “Cooking Courses for companies”, and we will design together a course that meets the expectations of the company.

Development of menus for events


Work meetings, social events, themed retreats … any situation requires a gastronomic offer according to the characteristics, objectives and needs of the group. I personally take care of designing, adapting and supervising the menus that each occasion requires, the diners and the environment where it is developed, including any possible intolerances that may exist, in search of full and satisfactory nutrition.

Restaurants consulting


Something that is increasingly necessary every time in the hotel and restaurant business is nutritional knowledge about incorporating alternative ingredients for customers with food allergies and intolerances, without however giving up on the quality and attractiveness of their conventional menus. Or simply the desire has arisen to add new, very healthy options to the menu.

I really enjoy it when I eat out and feel well cared for despite my allergies, especially when they offer me numerous delicious options to choose between. Therefore, I love to sit down with hotel and restaurant managers who are keen to enrich the menus they offer with balanced dishes at both nutritional and energising level, and after getting to understand their philosophy and kitchen, contributing creative and tasty content based on natural, organic ingredients that adapt to all types of customers.